• Am I allowed to carry scuba diving equipments on the cabin and free of charge?

    Kenya Airways allows only 1 piece of scuba diving equipment in addition to the normal checked baggage allowances

  • Can I pre-pay for excess baggage to avoid delay at the airport?

    Yes. You can pay for excess baggage allowance at the time of ticketing, but you must ensure that the weight remains the same at time of check-in

  • Does excess baggage cost apply to each Flight or entire trip when traveling Kenya Airways?

    Excess baggage cost applies for per one way i.e either to or from.

  • I have a high baggage allowance in another airline. How much baggage will I be allowed when I fly KQ?

    This Depends on the routing and applicable promotions. The standard weight is as per matrix.

  • What are the allowances for checked-in baggage?

    Please click here to find out about our allowances for checked in baggage

  • What is Kenya Airways policy on carrying dangerous items?

    It is possible to carry musical instruments in the cabin only.

  • What is Kenya Airways policy on carrying Hand baggage - what are the size and restrictions? ?

    It is allowed if its within the cabin baggage allowance which is 10Kgs.

  • What is the size and restrictions for Kenya Airways hand luggage?

    Kenya Airways accepts only one piece of hand luggage of not more than 10 kgs