• Can I reserve my ticket through a travel agent in a country where Kenya Airways does not fly to directly?

    Yes, this can be done.

  • Do I need to reconfirm my flight after booking and how many times must I do it before my travel?

    You must reconfirm your booking with the local Kenya Airways office at least 72hrs before the flight departure. If you do not intend to fly on a booked flight, please cancel your reservations to make the seat available to another passenger who might be trying to get on that same flight.

  • What does ‘code share flight’ mean?

    On some flights KQ has arrangements with other carriers, generally known as "code share". Code share is an arrangement whereby airlines can carry each others passengers or a situation where we put our code on another airlines operated flights and they in turn do the same on ours. This means that other airlines may operate a flight even though Kenya Airways is mentioned in the ticket as "carrier". These General Conditions of Carriage also apply to such transportation. If such arrangement applies Kenya Airways will advise the passenger of the carrier operating the aircraft at the time he/she makes a reservation.

  • Which airlines do Kenya Airways operate code share flights with?

    Kenya Airways currently operates code share flights with, TM=Mozambique Airlines, DM=Maersk Air, KL= KLM, PW= Precision Air

  • Where do I get contacts for your (local) worldwide offices?

    You can get our worldwide contacts by navigating to the" Global Contacts" link available on the top left menu on every page.

  • Can I get an e-ticket through the website?

    Yes, you can get an e-ticket when you book on our website.

  • Does my Booking confirmation indicate what class I’m booked in?

    Yes, your booking confirmation will indicate the class you are booked in.

  • How can I get all the fares on the Website?

    You can access all the fares by going to our booking engine from our homepage, or by clicking “Make a Booking” button at the top. Select the departure and destination cities from the booking section, select a date and click search. The new fare calendar display will show all available fares for that period.

  • How do I cancel my booking?

    You cannot cancel your bookings online once it has been confirmed. However, you can call our reservations office or visit your local Kenya Airways office or write us at contact@kenya-airways.com for cancellations. Note that a penalty fee may be charged for cancellations.

  • How do I get my ticket delivered?

    If you choose to pay by credit card, your e-ticket will be sent to the email address used when booking online. If you choose to pay by cash, you may collect your ticket from our city office, or our local Airport Office.

  • If I want to reschedule my booking, how would I go about it? Are there penalties?

    You can reschedule your booking by contacting our reservations office or contacting your local Kenya Airways office or write to us at contact@kenya-airways.com. Note that a penalty fee may be charged for rescheduling of flights.

  • What is the mode of payment online? Which credit cards are accepted?

    You can either choose to pay by cash (in which case you have to pay within 48 hours after booking.) or by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards.