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Porto Novo is the capital city of Benin. Apart from Porto Novo; other major cities include Cotonou and Parakou.



Cotonou is the largest and the commercial hub of Benin. The official language is French From a narrow and somewhat sandy coastal area, the marshy land and lagoons of the south rise into the La Terre de Barre Plateau, consisting of a wooded savannah that continues on into the foot hills of the Atakora Mountains of the northwest, a branch of the Togo Mountains. From there, the land slopes down into a broad plain, and on to the Niger River valley of the far northeast. The Niger and Oueme are the country's major rivers. The Highest point is Mt. Sokbaro (658 m) (2,158 ft) while the lowest point is Atlantic Ocean, sea level. The climate in Benin is tropical; hot and humid in south; semiarid (quite dry) in north. Overall, the dry season runs from November to April, and a rainy season from the end of April through September. The mean temperature is near 80 degrees.

Benin is located 6º48 N, 2º63 E