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Uganda as a country lies across the Equator right in the heart of Africa in East Africa.

The country is bordered by Congo in the west, Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the South West, Tanzania in the South and Sudan in the north making Uganda a land locked country in East Africa.


Uganda is roughly the size of England, covering a total area of 236,040 sq km's, with a population of about 27 million people. Uganda’s temperature ranges amid 16o and 20o at night and 26o and 30o during the day and with the hottest months being January, February and December. Unlike some parts in the northern Uganda that get typical annual rainfall as low as 100mm, the rest of the country is green all the year with a yearly rainfall between 1,000mm to 2,000mm with the coolest season being March to May and mid-September to November.


English is the official national language. Luganda is also widely spoken and is the most common of the numerous indigenous languages.