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Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates on the sun drenched Arabian Peninsula and the second largest. It has become increasingly popular as a tourism hotspot in recent years with first-class hotels, shopping and beach facilities.

The official language is Arabic; Arabic and English are commonly used in business and commerce. Hindi and Urdu are also widely used.
Dubai is modern hi-tech Arabia. The streets are clean and futuristic skyscrapers dominate the city landscape. The nightlife is known as the best in the UAE including lots of live entertainments.

Dubai offers blue seas and fine beaches and there are lots of them. When developers ran out of beach they built luxury artificial islands with over 100km of new beach front.

As well as the attractions of state-of-the-art modern city living and legendary Arabian hospitality Dubai is also hot all year round. Temperatures peak in the summer at over 40C and rarely fall below 15C in winter. As a result the best time to visit Dubai for many is November to March when the climate is extremely pleasant.

Dubai covers 3,885km2 in North Eastern UAE. As well as tourism the kingdom is known for its international business zone which has been built into a major player in recent years. Both the kingdom and the capital are known as Dubai while the capital is also known as Dubai City.