Flying Blue FAQs

  • Although I presented my card, I’m not sure that my miles were checked in automatically at the check in counter. How can I be sure they were checked in?

    You can verify whether your miles were checked in by checking your member account statement. or The member statements are sent to you by surface mail but the best way of checking on your miles is by applying for a PIN NUMBER/CODE and this will allow you to access your statement online. Check out the step-by-step instructions in this issue of Zawadi in the “earning your miles” section and follow the instructions about how to apply for it on the internet 2) Always keep a copy of your ticket AND the original boarding pass in a safe place. You may need both documents to “retro-actively” claim your miles within 6 months of the flight date. Both documents are mandatory.

  • Am I allowed into the lounge? If yes – can I bring any guests with me into the lounge?

    Access to the frequent flyer lounges is an automatic service benefit for Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members. Platinum and Gold members are allowed to bring in one guest into the lounge.

  • Can I earn miles on my award ticket when I fly?

    You cannot earn miles when traveling on an award ticket. However, in the event you are applying for an award upgrade, the paid economy ticket that you are using to upgrade to business class entitles you to earn award miles. In this case, the miles flown for the destination on business class of travel is taken into account for calculating your level miles. As with all your Flying Blue transactions - conditions apply.

  • Can I enter my flying Blue number to my online/internet reservation?

    Yes. If you’re making your booking on line with Kenya Airways, it is possible to enter your Flying Blue number in your reservation. Just log on to and book a flight.

  • Can I get Award miles when I travel on a ticket that I bought on a promotional fare?

    Most of our promotional fares allow you to earn 25% of the level and award miles of the flown miles.

  • For some reason, the miles I am earning are not being reflected on my member account. What could be the reason?

    There are a number of reasons!

  • 1) The first and most common reason is that you are not carrying your card with you to check in your miles automatically at the check in counter. Remember to bring your card with you every time you fly!
  • 2). If for some reason, you forget to carry your card to the check-in counter to check in your miles on the day you traveled, you still have the option of making a “retroactive claim" after the flight. As a Kenya Airways customer, simply ensure that you send us a copy of the ticket AND the original boarding pass with the relevant form. Both documents are mandatory for your to claim your flight back. Send them to the Flying Blue Helpdesk within 6 months and the miles will be credited to your account.
  • 3) The third reason is that you could also be using your temporary card for a long period of time, with no account actually being activated. If you have not received any permanent Flying Blue card yet, please check with your nearest service center that your account is active and they will advise you of the next steps. You need to have at least 1 flight activity for your account to be activated.

  • How can I book an award ticket or an award upgrade to business class?


  • 1) Check whether you have enough miles and plan your trip early.
  • 2) Then, book an award ticket by submitting your award request to your local Flying Blue Helpdesk. Submit your request at least two weeks prior to departure. Two weeks is the absolute minimum however, so plan your trip well in advance to your secure seats as they are subject to worldwide availability.
  • 3) To book an upgrade to business class, you need to have purchased a commercial ticket before applying for the upgrade. Upgrades are available on selected economy fares – S, B and M* The award application form is attached to this special issue of Zawadi and can also be downloaded from Upgrades are now also available on the day of departure.
  • Read more about advance and day-of-departure upgrades in the “How to redeem your miles” section in this issue of Zawadi.


  • How can I earn Miles from a non-airline partner like a hotel or a car hire company?

    Please send your original invoice and reciept (for instance, the hotel checkout bill) to your local Flying Blue Helpdesk. Retain a copy for your reference. After checking and receiving acceptance from our partner of your patronage, the Miles will be credited to your account.

  • I am unable to book a Flying Blue award ticket on a Kenya Airways flight on line.

    Award ticket bookings are not yet available on for Kenya airways flights – but you can book for all Skyteam partner flights. To redeem on a Kenya Airways flight, use the application form attached to this special issue of Zawadi or download the form from Fill it in and visit to your nearest Flying Blue Heldesk or Sales office. You can still book a regular Kenya Airways ticket from

  • I booked an award ticket but then I changed my mind about the travel dates. Why was I charged a fee?

    There is a change of reservation penalty of Euro 40.00 when you modify or cancel your award ticket. Additionally - members must advise Flying Blue of this in writing. The only exception is the “Open Miles” ticket which is an open ticket with no penalties for change of reservation. Read more about “Open Miles” tickets in the “How to redeem your miles” section in this issue of Zawadi.

  • I don’t have enough miles for an award. Is it possible to buy additional Miles?

    Sorry, no! It is not possible to combine Miles and Money for an award request.

  • I forgot to bring my card to check in my miles. How can I register the miles?

    You can credit the miles back to your account with a “retro-claim”. Always make it a point to remember to bring your Flying Blue card and present it at the check in counter to avoid the hassle of a “retro-claim”. With a “retro-claim” you can still claim your miles when you present a copy of your ticket AND the original boarding pass to a Flying Blue service desk within 6 months of the flight date. Both documents are mandatory.

  • I have not yet received my flying blue card


  • 1) If you have not yet received your Flying Blue card, please write us at and we will expedite delivery of your new card.
  • 2) If you have moved to a new address, your card could have been sent to the old address. If this is the case, please update your contact details as well to ensure that your card, statements and other Flying Blue communication is sent to the right address. A Data Correction Form for this purpose is also attached to this special issue of Zawadi.

  • I have received two different Flying Blue cards. What should I do to correct this?

    If you have received two different cards, send a photocopy of both cards and a copy of passport to your local Flying Blue Helpdesk. They will facilitate the merging of both your accounts into one, so that all your level miles and award miles are reflected on one account. Don’t fill out a new enrollment form!

  • I lost my miles but I did not fly. How can I get my miles back?

    If for some reason you are unable to fly, please alert the Flying Blue Helpdesk - in writing - more than 24 hours in advance of the flight date and day of departure to cancel your ticket. The change of reservation penalty will apply to your ticket. If you do not cancel your ticket, you will lose both the award ticket and your miles and unfortunately, neither can be refunded back to you!

  • I need a PIN NUMBER/CODE to access my account on line how do I go about it?

    If you don’t have a pin number already or you lost it or need to change it, you can

  • 1) Check out the step-by-step instructions in this issue of Zawadi in the “earning your miles” section and follow the instructions about how to apply for it on the internet
  • 2) Write to us at or and we will facilitate your pin request.
  • Remember that the first option is the best because a PIN NUMBER essentially is there to assist you to manage your account yourself conveniently on the internet and it’s available to you anytime you want and everywhere you are!!


  • My name has been misspelled on both my statements and the card. How do I rectify this?

    For your name and other contact details like address and telephone to be changed, you need to send a copy of your flying Blue card, and a copy of your passport bio-data page to your nearest Flying Blue Helpdesk. You can also scan it and forward it with an e-mail to A Data Correction Form for this purpose is also attached to this special issue of Zawadi.

  • When I received my card, I found that I was on a lower level – why and can this be changed?

    Your member level is dependent on your flight activity for the previous year and the member level check is done on the 31st of December of every calendar year. Use your level miles to track whether you will achieve your desired member level for the next year. If for example you were a Platinum, you remain a Platinum the next year if you have achieved at least 60 one-way flights or 70000 level miles. If you were a Platinum and achieved some Flying Blue flight activity - but less than that required to achieve Platinum - you will be at the Gold level. If you were a Platinum - but did not register any Flying Blue flight activity - you will be at the Ivory level. Your member level cannot be changed if you have not registered the required flight activity by the 31st of December and this includes ‘’retro-claims’’ (in case you forgot to check in your miles at the check in counter, you can ‘’retro-claim’’ your miles when your present both a copy of your ticket and the original boarding pass. Both documents are mandatory). See the flight activity required for each level in the section on ‘’How The Program Works’’ in this issue of Zawadi.

  • Why doesn’t the airline recognize my Platinum or Gold member level?

    To ensure that you enjoy the automatic benefits associated with your Platinum and Gold member level such as priority on waitlist, ensure that you provide your member number to the sales agent who is making your reservation. Ask them to confirm to you that your member number has been entered into your reservation details. For the other benefits at check-in and airport such as extra baggage allowance and lounge access, ensure that you carry your card with you.