General Information

How Airtel Money Works 

• Log onto

• Make a purchase of a ticket that is less than or equal to Kshs. 140,000 inclusive of taxes

• Once booking is through, a Booking confirmation email will be sent to your email address containing the booking reference number.

• Use this booking reference number e.g. 7KJUE to make payment through Airtel Money using our nickname/Business Name which is 'KQPAY'

• KQ confirms receipt of payment

• KQ sends both SMS and email with e-ticket to customer

• End of transaction



• Convenience.

• No extra service charge, just the normal Airtel Money transaction charge.

• Pay anywhere, anytime.



• Ticket price has to be less or equal to Kshs. 140,000 inclusive of taxes

• All terms and conditions that apply within Airtel Money automatically apply to this product.

• Transaction time Limit is at least 10 minutes.

• Refunds and reversals will be made to the number that sent the funds to Kenya Airways.



Refunds and Reversals 

Reversals and refunds are done by Kenya Airways.

To apply for your Airtel Money refund, please click here.


NOTE: The refund process takes 21 working days from the day the refund request is placed.