Extra Leg Room Seats

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance 


A person may  not be seated in an exit seat if it is likely that the person has reduced mobility is less than fifteen years of age or lacks the capacity to perform one or more of the applicable functions listed in this regulation without assistance;


Lacks the ability to read and understand instructions required by this regulation and related to emergency evacuation provided by the air operator certificate holder in printed or graphic form or the ability to understand oral crew commands;



Lacks sufficient visual capacity to perform one or more of the functions specified in paragraphs (a) to (c) without the assistance of visual aids beyond contact lenses or eyeglasses;


Lacks sufficient aural capacity to hear and understand instructions given by cabin crew members, without assistance beyond a hearing aid;


Lacks the ability to adequately impart information orally to other passengers; or


Has a condition or responsibilities, such as caring for small children that might prevent the person from performing one or more of the functions listed above or a condition that might cause the person harm if he performs one or more of the functions listed above.


You have selected an exit row seat, to confirm your selected seat

You must be willing and able to assist our cabin crew in the event of an evacuation and the following must apply to you:


You are not traveling with a child younger than 13yrs of age


You are able to hear, understand or act upon instructions given by our crew members in English.


You don’t have a condition that might prevent you from performing any or all evacuation help functions, or that might injure you while performing such functions.


You are willing to assist our authorized cabin crew with any evacuation tasks which might be assigned to you. (passenger to be informed that prior to take off); the cabin crew will brief the passenger on emergency procedures.


Incapacitated persons or those deemed to be intoxicated, children, infants, expectant mothers, inadmissible passengers, deportees will not be allowed to occupy emergency exit seats.





1. Will be made on exceptional cases i.e. due to aircraft-changes and cancellations.

2. Will only be made through the Kenya Airways website.




In the event that a passenger declines to assist with the emergency procedures as advised by the crew on board, there will be no refund. 


The carrier reserves the rights to allocate the seat.



Frequent Flyer Policy 


Platinum and gold members of flying blue and world perks: free   other tier levels have to pay eur 25 euros





50 Euro for flights < 4 HOURS  

70 Euro for flights > 4 HOURS